About Spirit Space
Spirit Space is the result of the works of Science and Spiritual pioneers of the 20th and 21st
century. Extraordinary thinkers who decided to break away and follow their own paths. It
would be these paths that have set forth the concepts ideas and discoveries that bring us
back a full circle to the true nature of human existence.
The Making of Spirit Space
Director and Producer, Braden Barty, sought out
to unravel the mystery that puzzles everyone who
walks this earth. Who are we and why are we here?

Growing up with a Christian background he wanted
to go beyond what his upbringing brought him. He
wanted to explore what it is that ancient cultures and
modern thinkers have in common and tell that story
About The Producer/Director
Braden Barty graduated in film from the University of
Utah in 1996. His award winning thesis film
Far Away
Eyes; A Portrait of Autism
was sold to Chip Taylor
Communications and from that point on he began
earning a living as a producer, director, editor and

In 1999 Braden began
WireWerks Video
Productions which specialized in, documentaries
music videos,  commercials.   He lives in Studio City,
California with his wife Michelle and two sons Jonah
and Ashton.
Spirit Space Synopsis
Spirit Space takes us into a realm where other films
have left off. We explore our human energy known
as the soul and follow its path to the unknown.  
Discover remarkable possibilities as to what and
how our consciousness works with the
world around us. Listen to the possibilities of what  
happens to our energies before and after death.
Challenging Quantum physics theories and how
they affect  how we perceive the world  anciently
and today, both religiously and scientifically .
A film is not complete without the right cast. Many
long hours were spent in deciding who was right to
convey this message. Little by little names began to
Who are the incredible minds behind Spirit Space?
What are their backgrounds and how can we get to
learn more about them and their lives?
The Cast of Spirit Space
The Quantum Soul
A WireWerks Productions
Directed by Braden Barty
Copyright ® 2010 Spirit Space, LLC