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fred alan wolf quantum        
DR. FRED ALAN WOLF ( who was featured in the
hit movie
What the Bleep Do We Know?, and
The Secret) earned his Ph.D. in theoretical physics. He
continues to write, lecture throughout the world and con
duct research on the relationship of quantum physics to
consciousness. He is the author of 11 books including
Taking a Quantum  Leap which received the National
Book Award. He has taught at the University of London,
the University of Paris, and other universities  
throughout the world. Wolf notes, "Though we tend to use
the words ‘mind’ and ‘time’ to mean different things,
from quantum physics and  ancient wisdom, we are now able
to comprehend  how the concepts of time and mind are
reconcilable --and can, in fact, have the same meaning.
This realization  comes from recognizing that the mind
works by a  process of ‘defocusing’ and ‘focusing,’ which
is  also the practice of mind yoga. I have added a new twist
by  suggesting that this process is actually what brings our
sense of time about."