The Quantum Soul
Be prepared to gain a better understanding of the immortality of the human soul.
Leap! - (Wide Screen Edition) (2009) (running time 80 min.)
You are the Hero of your own “Ultimate Human Amusement Park!”

Each of us is cast into this amazing Human Game, no matter how unsuccessfully we choose to play it.
For many of us, we’ve created countless situations and storylines to hide our
true power and limit our experiences while playing. Our daily life has dwindled, become less than
real, and only small proportions seem enjoyable to us…
You’re not here by accident or to suffer. You’re here to be the main character and Hero within an
infinite Matrix that YOU actually created. Your Matrix is designed for you to have limitless human
experiences and ultimately, uncover your own meaning, totality and True Identity.
Filmmakers & Seminar Leaders, Ike Allen & Chad Cameron explore the ancient spiritual idea that
our world is an illusion. As Leap! unfolds, you are taken on a cosmic adventure to the source of
reality itself.
Once you’ve experienced Leap!, limits and restrictions you’ve imposed on your Self,
fall away at a rapid rate and you now have the opportunity to enjoy a life filled with fun, love & joy.
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Leap! features countless empowering guides such as James Twyman-The Moses Code,
Fred Alan Wolf-Dr. Quantum Visits Flatland, Gary Renard-Dissapearance of the Universe, Ken
Wapnick-Editor of A Course in Miracles, Cassie Vieten-Director of research at the Institute of
Noetic Sciences, Peter Russell-From Science To God, Richard Bartlett-Matrix Energetics, Dan
Millman-Way of the Peaceful Warrior, Arnold Patent-You Can Have It All, Joe Vitale-Zero Limits,
Geoff Hoppe-Crimson Circle, Will Arntz-Creator of What The Bleep and many others. The only
question now is, Will You Take The Leap! or Stay Asleep.