Early 2005
What a great book I thought as I read through the last pages of Dr. Michael Newton's Journey of Souls.
I've read stories of life after death experiences and read other literature on Remote Viewing and
especially Robert Monroe's books
Journey's out of the body but this book tied it all together. I quickly
purchased Newton's follow up book,
Destiny of Souls which house further past life regression and life
between life stories. But Reincarnation? Hmm, it's not really in my belief structure or is it?
I was taught growing up in a preexistence but this definatly put a new twist on things. It was a life
changing I will just say. What do film makers do in a case like this?

They  make a movie.

So there I was, no working title, no real clue on what I was doing so I set out to find people who can help
me to tell this story. Turned out Dr. Newton was in retirement and had little interest to appear on camera
but he did refer me to Linda Backman of the Ravenheart Center in Colorado. She at the time was a sort
of spokesperson and she herself, like Newton, was a licensed psychologist and practicing therapist
specializing in past life and LBL therapy. But I needed someone local too. That's when I got in touch with
Linda Gabriel here in L.A.. We meet over the phone and talked for hours about a project. Her on camera
interview went on for a little over two hours but it was a really good start.

Sometime in the Spring my crew and I flew out to Virginia to meet with Laurie Monroe daughter of the
Late Robert Monroe and director of The Monroe Institute. Not only were we able to interview Laurie but
also  renown remote viewer Skip Atwater author of
Captain of my Ship Master of my Soul. Two others
who appear in the film Darlene Miller and Francine King ,also members of TMI had a great deal of gems
to add to the film. We left there with a strong sense of accomplishment.

The next interview scheduled was Fred Alan Wolf who's book
Yoga of Time was marked up and on my
book shelf at home. I was inspired to read his works of course after viewing
the film What the Bleep do
We know?
He and I met in Santa Barbara after a lecture he gave there based on his latest works.  We
talked briefly that night in the auditorium and we later on arranged a time for us to fly to San Fransisco  
for his interview.  I was so nervous meeting with such a strong figure. It didn't help either that half our film
equipment didn't make it on our flight and luckily we were able to reschedule for the next day.
At first his patience wore thin with us which got me even more nervous. Here's our key interviewee and
he wants it over as soon as possible. Turned out he was a huge Bily Barty fan and before  we knew it he
was beaming and glowing telling us details that had never come up before in any other interview. We
were happy.

I really needed a balancing figure to help explain the paranormal events that have been unraveling with
all our participants so far. During this time I was doing post on a Pilate's DVD ad my client pointed me to
a book
The Field by  Lynne Mctaggart. That's when I discovered former Apollo astronaut and founder of
the Institute of Noetic Science, Dr.  Edgar Mitchell. I immediately purchased his book,
The Way of the
and within a few weeks my office got in touch with him and we set up an interview at his home in
Florida. We had to wait 3 months but once we got there it was magic. This was the balancing view I was
looking for all this time. He really did an outstanding job by putting everything into perspective.

Then I came back to Dr. Linda Backman in Colorado. Her interview was done in her home office.  People
would fly in from all around the nation to have a LBL or past Life regression session with her. She was
just beginning to write her book,
Windows on the Soul. She has such a great talent in explaining how
everything works in the belief structure. Between her and Linda Gabriel I had enough to start editing. Or
did I?

Spirit Space as I was now beginning to call the film was developing slowly but I still needed a Spiritually
rooted father like figure in this multi character balancing act. I thought I would find that in perhaps Native
Americans. I ended up going out gorilla style to Arizona for a week with my camera. Even though I
interviewed some great Navajos and Apaches I didn't find what I was looking for. Linda Gabriel had
brought up a name, don Miguel Ruiz,  Toltec and author of
The four Agreements. At the end of my
Arizona back country trip I planned to head up to Las Vegas to meet with Miguel. By the time the
interview was done all the frustration of driving miles through Arizona Indian reservations paid off. I was
left in awe. Even though there was a camera rolling to my right it was really just he and I talking for 45
minutes.  And it wasn't until I logged the footage at my office did I realize how many special sound bites I
had. Spirit Space was ready for post!

My original concept was so far gone I had to rethink what it was I was trying to tell. I spent all of
trying to figure out what was Spirit Space. I took every sound bite and divided into 9 chapters..What was
the story that was told by so many and so different individuals. Why was I guided to tell this tale? Was it a
worldly story or was it out of this world?  Who would believe it?
Nonlocality...reincarnation..hypnotherpay...was it religious? Or was it just a lot of fanciful thinking. I think
I'm still trying to figure that out but I think thats ultimately what it is about. I'm just the messenger and It is
up to the viewer to come to their own resolution. To me...the story is we each have a purpose and these
are just some of the tools you can choose to use to find that out. Which eventually forced me to remove
what I thought was the most important chapter out. The chapter about our  ego and over coming the fear
of knowing. So now it went from 9 chapters to 8.     

I spent all of
2007 making Spirit Space work. Making it flow. Making it right. Selecting the right B- Roll.
Shooting the scene to set the stage for the back story.  2007 was an emotional year fro me. With the
birth of our first Child Jonah in April and the passing on of my mother in November. The cycle of life was
experienced first hand by me all the while I was busy tweaking and finishing up editing the film.

It was about September I started sending out rough cuts for people to view and critique.. For the most
part the feedback that came back to me was mostly positive. The changes were relatively minor as far as
documentaries go. I was pleased. The blood and sweat that poured out of brain trying to come up with a
thesis suddenly was blood and sweat well spent.

Then the movie was complete.


-Braden Barty
Director and Producer of Spirit Space
Copyright ® 2009 Spirit Space, LLC